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I’m working with Realpoint Property, a UK-based estate realtor (estate agent).

View their listing here

I am also open to private offers: the house is extremely special and still has enormous potential, whether or not I’m able to fund-raise for this additional house in Molise which will allow the vision of a creative respite centre to develop here… There’s a lot of flux in the world right now, and I am open to whatever is the most solid, dream-aligned path.

The price for the Arthouse is currently €150,000 o.n.o.

If your budget is different from this, just let me know: I may accept a lower offer

Expenses: There’s currently no property tax on the house, as it’s the only property that I own in Italy, and because the price when I purchased was so low. This might change after you buy the house, and/ or if you own more than one property in this country.

Per annum: There are street taxes (TARSU) of around €120; water charges of around €100; electricity around €500; and a couple of gas bottles for the cooker at €26 each. There are mains-gas fixings above and below outside the house – that’ll be a future option, which will involve a connection fee, and may cost more per unit than the bottles, but will be a lot more convenient. Gas bottles have to be carried or trollied down from a nearby parking place.
Depending on where you come from in the world, there may be additional costs: e.g. I’m a European citizen (coming from Scotland) and so have the right to live and work here with minimal fuss (pre-Brexit!), and I pay taxes much as I would there… but I’m aware that other nationalities have to go through more processes and possibly costs. You’ll have to inquire in ex-pat forums or with your embassy about that, according to what country you come from. There are several groups for Guardia Sanframondi on Facebook, which I can link you to if you don’t know them already – or see The Insider’s Guide To Guardia Sanframondi book: it has links in the back pages. There are many USA, Canada, South Africa and UK citizens with houses in Guardia, who will be able to offer advice around their own experiences here.

Contact me directly with any questions

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